New Silver Information

  • Beach Rules (you can download here) Please post these rules at your home for guests and renters to see. Rules are aimed at making sure everyone knows the emergency and safety signals and maintaining cleanliness of the beach.
  • Lifeguards’ attention: Please tell your children not to climb on the lifeguard stands and not to monopolize the lifeguards’ attention.  The guards can chat with the kids on breaks, but they are there to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all on the beach.
  • Keeping the beach entrances in “good order:” It is important we keep a clear access to the beach for emergencies and for members to safely access the beach. Keep all bikes, strollers and wagons clear of the right of way.  Do not block the entrances to the neighbors’ driveways near the beach.  At both entrances, trash receptacles will be available. Please use them!
  • Dunes at Tennis Court: Please do not put boats or kayaks on the dunes beside the kayak rack. This is an environmental issue aimed at protecting the dunes.