Letter from the President

Board of Directors


David O’Keefe

Vice President:   

Michael Halloran


Ronald Fernandes


Jennifer Lynch

Financial Secretary:

Beth Tuleja


Board Members:

Sarah Cicchini
Penny Fleming
Brad Fernandes
Allison Hutchins
Peter Lind
Jim Simmons
Kelly Strain
Jill West

Past President, ex officio:

Michael McCarthy


Committee Chairs:


Lindsay Doherty


Andy Doherty

Social Activities:

Carolyn Halloran


Amy Matthews


Rich McCarthy

May 2019

The Board has been busy planning for the 2019 summer and would like to share with you SBIA news and updates.  Click the links below for details:

Below, I have highlighted a few topics you may find interesting, and on the following pages you will notice many new events we have added to the calendar.

Membership Survey
Thank you again to all the members that responded to the survey.  We appreciate your thoughtful feedback and we are acting on many of your suggestions.  Results of the survey can be accessed here…

Little Free Library
We are excited to announce that the association has received a charter and we are now a member of the Little Free Library Sharing Network.  What is this network all about?  Building community, sparking creativity and inspiring readers. We think this aligns quite well within our New Silver Beach neighborhood.

How does it work?  Simply stated, it is a book exchange…you add a book to the library and take one you or a family member would like to read.  The books change all the time so it’s fun to check back frequently to see what is available.

More details will follow in future communications, including where and when the library repository will be installed.

New Member Program

We are in the process of rolling out a program aimed at introducing new association members to all the wonderful activities and events we host throughout the summer and give them a way to meet other members.  See page 2 and 3 for more details.

Membership Dues
The Board voted to not increase dues for 2019, given our current cash on hand and robust membership.  Note the membership amounts listed on the enclosed signup form include the contribution to pay down the loan for the court’s restoration project.

If you have questions, please reach out to me at newsilverbeach@gmail.com.  We always appreciate your thoughts and feedback!  The Board is excited about the summer ahead and look forward to seeing you at New Silver Beach.


David O’Keefe

P.S. Minutes from the Winter Board Meeting are available here…